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Machine and plant industry

K&W Transmissies is a supplier of conveyor chains to the machine and plant industry in a variety of different sectors, such as food, hydropower, steel industry, offshore, recycling, automotive etc.

The engineers of K&W Transmissies are familiar with the extensive market of the machine and plant industry, both project-wise and the serial-wise. Technological developments are being closely monitored. Of course, K&W Transmissies also has standard chains in stock, but often orders involve a special application developed with the external R&D engineering departments. Due to the large European network of chain factories, K&W Transmissies is able to deliver the right chain for the right application at the right quality-price ratio.

K&W Transmissies is thus a strong partner in the inventory management of the specific chain and can provide the just-in-time delivery of the goods on site according to the client’s wishes. For larger volumes, it is not unusual to place the OEM’s brand name or logo on the chain to protect the product.  

One of the unique advantages of K&W Transmissies is that it has its own sprocket factory. Sprockets or gears can be modified from a standard or produced from solid materials based on drawings. For the machine builder it is just as economical in small quantities. Moreover, the company’s workshop is located on its own site, keeping communication lines short, prices attractive and delivery times short.


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