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Standard roller chains

Roller chain

Roller chains according to ISO 606 for machine and plant industry

Roller chains are frequently used in machine and plant industry, not only as drive and gear chains, but also as lantern gears, hoisting and conveyor chains as well as in special designs with different attachments for transport and conveyance systems. Roller chains with suitable attachment allow for special functionalities and are thus perfect for a wide range of different applications.



Advantages of roller chains

  •  wide application range as drive, conveyor and hoisting chains
  •  miscellaneous functions by means of attachments on special chains
  •  robustness to temperature influences and soiling
  •  positive-locking transmission without slip
  •  cost effectiveness
  •  excellent application range due to different chain sizes, simplex and multiplex chains
  •  manifold transmission ratios
  •  long shaft distances possible, e.g. for conveyance systems
  •  life cycle limit indicated by chain elongation
  •  problem-free shortening and lengthening of chains
  •  drive possible on either side
  •  no pre-tensioning required = low static bearing load

Product range

  •  roller chains European type (ISO 606)
  •  roller chains American type (ISO 606)
  •  roller chains type series GL with straight plates
  •  roller chains type series RF made of stainless and acid-resistant steel
  •  maintenance-free roller chains Marathon and Marathon stainless
  •  low maintenance roller chains Biathlon and Biathlon KS
  •  roller chains made to customers’ specifications
  •  roller chains with attachments
  •  double pitch roller chains (ISO 1275)
  •  power chains type series HX
  •  special heavy duty chains
  •  roller chains according to works standard specification

Effective coating for optimal corrosion protection and wear resistance

Functional coatings considerably extend the application limits of roller chains. Depending on the respective requirements, chain components can be chemically nickel-plated, galvanized or coated with a zinc-flake layer to significantly improve corrosion protection. In order to increase wear resistance, we have the possibility to chemically nickel-plate, nitrate or borate the chain pins.

Roller chains made of stainless and acid-resistant steel are particularly suitable for drives susceptible to corrosion as well as for extremely high and low temperatures. Therefore they are mainly used in the chemical as well as in the food and beverage industry.

The different types of roller chains comprise double pitch roller chains according to ISO 1275, the roller chains type series GL with straight plates for conveyance systems, and power chains based on roller chains according to ISO 606 for higher requirements as to breaking load and fatigue resistance. Roller chains according to works standard specification complete our range of standard chains with regard to dimensions or transmissible power.


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Roller chains


Roller chains


Roller chains


Roller chains
(straight side plates)


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