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The Rollerchain of top-quality.

K&W Transmissies delivers top-quality roller chains from the German brand Wippermann, the Japanese brand HKKchain and the Asian brands Witra and DINN. The product specialists at K&W Transmissies have the in-house technical knowledge to design and supply customer-specific roller chains. Make your choice below.

Roller chains, high-profile projects

The knowledge and experience of the product specialists at K&W Transmissies is permanently deployed to increase production capacity and extend the lifetime of the chains. Their knowledge of applications and materials, which has been built up over the years, enables K&W Transmissies to respond directly to development. For this reason it has become a successful, leading provider of large and high-profile projects. Roller chains have to optimally perform under the most extreme conditions. The high-quality chains are also used in various applications, which enter markets worldwide via our customers. The customers of K&W Transmissies come from different sectors such as asphalt, automotive, waste incineration, concrete, biogas, breweries, cement, canned goods, wood and paper, insulation, internal transport, agriculture, machining, environment, offshore, recycling, passenger transportation, slaughter industry, stone industry, bulk materials, sugar, packaging, food and hydropower.


Nickel-plated, galvanized and stainless steel roller chains

Nickel-plated chains are used where chains are visible and you want to create a certain optical effect. All steel chains can in principle be nickel plated. The nickel layer on the steel parts does, however, result in a somewhat reduced breaking load. All steel chains can in principle also be galvanized.

Nickel-plated, galvanized and stainless steel chains are used in humid environments where corrosion is not desired, for example in the food industry. Stainless steel can be a solution if the corrosion protection offers insufficient protection. Stainless steel chains do have a significantly lower breaking strength than the steel or nickel-plated chains. Lubricating the chain is also a method that can prevent or reduce corrosion to a limited extent.

The stainless steel chains are manufactured from types of steel that are rust and acid-resistant. The DINN stainless steel chains are supplied standard without lubrication, which means that the customer has the option to adjust the type of lubrication to the circumstances and wishes under which the chain is used.


Carriers and extended pins

Roller chains are not only used to transfer a force, but are also used as a transport medium for goods. K&W Transmissies has a very extensive line of standardized carriers and/or extended pins. These come in both steel and stainless steel versions. The current production techniques of the Wippermann brand give the designer an almost unlimited freedom to deviate from the standard versions in order to allow the carriers to be produced according to one’s own wishes and insight. If required, the roller chains can be custom assembled with carriers and/or extended pins. There are also chains available with elastomers or vulcanized carriers. For more information about this, please see the option clips.



These clips are suitable for mounting on a Wippermann roller chain with straight side plates (type GL) and prevent direct contact between the product and the chain. The clips also increase the contact surface and thus offer safe transport.

Clips are available with thermoplastic elastomer (TPU) with a hardness of approximately 85 Shore A for the transport of particularly delicate and easily displaceable products. This clip ensures complete non-slip transport and effectively increases the friction coefficient between product and clip.


Straight side plates

Roller chains with straight side plates carry a load that presses directly onto the plates, making them suitable for sliding over a guide. The surface pressure is advantageously distributed over a larger surface area, as a result of which there is less wear on the guide and switching plates. K&W Transmissies supplies these chains (DIN 8187, DIN 8188) in various qualities from the different brands, in stainless steel, galvanized or nickel-plated steel. The roller chains can also be supplied with carriers and/or extended pins or with POM clips.


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